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Nature is the totality of all that exists, not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual world. It contains invisible and visible objects and forces that manifest themselves on both the visible and invisible planes. In the physical world, we see plants, animals, and human beings, while in the spiritual world, we see angels, ghosts, and God. Everything has a connection to nature. And, everything has a part in the larger scheme of things that is expressed in nature.

When you think of nature, what do you think of? Are you picturing long stretches of brown hills covered with wildflowers, rivers bursting forth with water, and the sun setting over the horizon? If so, you are viewing a part of nature. On the other hand, are you picturing a desert full of rugged rocks, with only dry trees on either side and the occasional wind blowing hard enough to blow dust away from your face? If so, you are seeing a tiny fraction of the vastness of nature.

Even when you are not physically near to nature, there are many ways to become more aware of it. What do you notice when you are out and about? Is there a way that you can meditate or pray without being in nature? Can you imagine what it would be like to see nature up close? Do you try to listen to nature’s call to you?

You have been given a certain amount of “real estate” in your physical life by the earth. You have heard the story of the caveman who carved out the first rock, found a way to live off of it for a couple of million years, and then looked back at his creation and wondered if perhaps someday people would look back and marvel at what he had done? You have a piece of nature inside of you, yet you haven’t used it very much. Why not take the time to enjoy its beauty? The more you see nature, the more it will seem to call to you.

Look up and see the sky and the trees and the mountains and think about the vastness of the universe. Have you ever noticed that everything seems to be connected in some way? Nature is alive and you are part of her. Listen to nature’s sounds and learn to listen to what is going on around you. Look at everything you do and see if there is some connection to nature.

Nature is always changing. As long as you are alive you are experiencing the power of nature. The more you can do with nature, the more powerful it will become for you. It is your calling to follow nature.

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