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Unlicensed Microwave Backhaul

unlicensed microwave backhaul

As mentioned in my other article “A Brief Introduction to Unlicensed Microwave Backhaul“, when considering microwave backhaul, it is important to look at the various types of microwaves and their different characteristics. For the purposes of this article, the focus will be on licensed microwaves (aka Class A and B), which are the most commonly used. The licensed microwaves used in this article are able to support either up to four or five separate transceivers; they also provide a standard deviation of roughly ten miles per second. These fast-speed microwaves can operate using both bidirectional and transverse modulation methods and can operate in different segments (i.e. from high to low frequencies, high frequency to low frequencies, etc.)

How to Know More about Unlicensed Microwave Backhaul

There are many benefits to unlicensed microwave backhaul, including the ability to operate the equipment without requiring any license or special training. Some of the key benefits to utilizing this type of backhaul include: allowing mobile service providers to leverage large bandwidths that may not be possible with traditional cell sites; providing smaller carriers with the ability to compete with larger more established carriers; providing smaller carriers with the ability to upgrade system at less cost; and providing network operators with a cost effective method for transmitting over large swaths of land without having to worry about interference from cell towers. To ensure optimal performance, licensed microwaves should be deployed in conjunction with standard cable or wireline communications systems. The process of unlicensed microwave backhaul allows for the transmission of information at higher speeds than those provided by traditional systems. Some common modes of operation include:

Many different types of unlicensed frequencies can be used to send and receive data. For this reason, the number of available channels can vary depending on the application. In some cases, lower frequencies can be more suited to the intended purpose. For example, while a high frequency could be ideal for transmitting television programming to a local area, a lower frequency might be better suited for allowing mobile service providers to provide cellular coverage to an individual’s vehicle. When the data is not worth the expense of using licensed microwave antennas, it is often possible to use unlicensed frequencies to achieve the same goals.

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