Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Dealers Near Me

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used car dealers near me buy here pay here

When you shop for a used car at a buy here pay here dealership, you’re essentially getting a car loan, but without the traditional car dealership process. Instead, traditional car dealerships pass your information along to a network of lenders, and once you’re approved for the loan, you make monthly payments to the lender. A typical used car dealers near me buy here pay here loan involves proving your residence and income, and it may also require a down payment.

Exchange For A Lower Interest Rate

While this may not seem like a big deal to some, be aware that buy here pay here dealerships want to get their money back as easily as possible, so they often install tracking devices in your car. That means your car won’t start unless you’ve paid up the entire loan, which may be a hassle for some people. However, for those who don’t mind giving up some privacy, this option may be worth a try.

Before you visit a buy here pay here dealership, take some time to compare various auto loan quotes. If you don’t have great credit, you can still find a lender that will work with you. Credit unions and traditional banks may be willing to overlook some negative marks on your credit report in exchange for a lower interest rate. Also, you can negotiate the annual percentage rate of your loan, or even waive the down payment.

While many people find the buy here pay here option appealing, there are several disadvantages. One of them is the high cost of interest. Many borrowers end up paying more than they can afford, so it’s important to shop around before deciding on a buy here pay here dealership.

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