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Best Beaches in Greece

best beaches in greece

Summer in Greece means long, hot days at the beach, and the country has some of the best. In fact, the country was only second to Spain in 2019 in the number of Blue Flag-awarded beaches. These beaches are highly rated for their cleanliness, facilities, first aid, restrooms, and more. The best beaches in Greece are listed below. Alternatively, you can explore the country’s other island destinations.

Great Place To Enjoy

The Aegean features several stunning beaches, including Mikri Vigla. The golden sand and clear waters are surrounded by white Cycladic houses. Limanakia Beach is another beautiful, long stretch of sand. A traditional Greek tavern can be found along the shoreline. The northern end of Mikri Vigla Beach is perfect for windsurfing and water sports. Several hotels and taverns are located nearby.

The famous Lardos beach is a long, beige sand beach. This popular beach on the Greek island of Rhodes offers a great mix of leisure activities. While it is dominated by large resort hotels, there are quieter corners. The two mountain ranges surrounding the island make it a great place to enjoy total relaxation and a few thrilling water activities. If you don’t want to spend the whole day on the beach, try renting a beach umbrella or parasailing.

The Myrtos beach is another award-winning beach in Greece. Nestled between the majestic Kalon Oros and Agia Dynati mountains, this beach is a favorite among day-trippers. Visitors should be prepared for long hot days in the sun as there are few trees in the area. Visitors should also wear sandshoes to protect their soles. This beach is also known for its spectacular sunsets.

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